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1.     What are the languages you work with?
2.     How fast can you complete a translation project?
3.     How much do you charge for a translation work?
4.     Can you translate legal and technical documents?
5.     Can you provide a certified translation?
6.     Can you assure the contents of my documents will remain confidential?
7.     Do you use  translation memory software? Is it reliable?

These answers can be very helpful when requesting a translation estimate and time line. Plan ahead. Remember not to wait until the last minute to request a translation, especially if you need a certified translation. Request an estimate & time line as soon as possible. It will save you money.

1. What are the languages you work with?
We work with 88 language pairs, from/to Arabic-English, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latvian,  Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Urdu, Vietnamese, and many other language pairs.
 Our translation company  will ensure that the translations rendered by professional and certified translators will be free from errors and omissions. Keep in mind that there is a considerable variation on the same language spoken between two different countries, thus it is helpful to mention the target audience and/or the country of origin of certificates.

2. How fast can a translation job be done?

This is determined by the subject matter to be translated, language, the length and complexity of a document, and the capability of a translator to provide a fast job without compromising its integrity. A professional translator will usually translate 1500 words per day, however, a faster turnaround can be arranged to meet your requirements.  For large or urgent projects, two or more professional translators and one proofreader will be put to the task, in order to meet your deadline and to ensure consistency. Allow yourself 3 to 5 business days to get a certified translation, signed and sealed by our certified translators. A faster delivery can be arranged, but if you do not want to pay for a <rush order> fee, give yourself plenty of time.

3. How much do you charge for a translation work?

Translations are commonly charged according to the total word count, rush order vs. regular time frame, certified or notarized translation, format and topic. If a determined translation project requires special attention or additional research, these charges will also be included in the amount of time used to complete the translation. Format is also taken into consideration:(electronic vs. hard copy, PDF or other format). Note that we charge a minimum flat fee for certified translations.

4. Can you translate legal and technical documents?
All Linguex Translations Incorporated provides translation for technical and legal documents, medical, business, web site content, marketing and for other topics.
Only officially authorized  translators have the right to render legal documents translations and other related documents .Our legal or technical certified translators are familiar with the language and functions of the Canadian judicial system, Canadian Immigration as well as other countries' legal systems and requirements.

5. Can you provide a certified translation?
All Linguex Translations Incorporated provides certified translations. We also provide notarized translations. Certified translators will put their seal and signature in their affidavit.
Our professional certified translators will provide professional translations and our professional proofreaders  will ensure a high level of translation quality and consistency.

6. Can you assure the contents of my documents will remain confidential and private?
Our clients' privacy and confidentiality come first. Our translators and staff will keep all documents and personal information from being disclosed to a third party. A privacy or confidentiality agreement will  be signed if requested, to demonstrate complete respect and professionalism in keeping the privacy and confidentiality of any type of document, unless otherwise advised.

7. Do you use memory translation software? Is it reliable?
Professional translators are not habitually affectionate when it comes to to translation memory software . It can make their work even harder and time consuming than translating directly from an original text. It is partially reliable. It is always better if a professional translator combines a translation memory software with his/her human translation  for accurate results. We prefer to deliver translations rendered by our human professional translators and proofreaders.

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