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Welcome! It Is tough to be a small home-based business these days. At 7 Lorraine Drive- ( Main intersection: Yonge St. and Finch Ave West) Toronto , we  render professional translations by email, postal mail and send accredited court and medical interpreters to your location.  We  offer solutions that  help your business overcome today's language barriers. Our multilingual coordinator will work with you to provide you with translation services that  will increase your business .Call  us at 416 248 0097 or if it is urgent, call  416 402 2419 or/and send an email to paula.lorenzini@alumni.utoronto.ca to get a free estimate.

 All Linguex Translations Inc. operates from a home-based business, thus you get  lower fees.

Our Services: Professional  Multilingual Translations/ Freelance accredited court and medical Interpreters for 88 language pairs.
Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Mandarin, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and other languages.

For a free estimate, e-mail  your requests to paula.lorenzini@alumni.utoronto.ca . Allow at least 48 hours to get a response.

If urgent,  you can call or text  : 416 402 2419 

For non-urgent free estimates, it is best to leave a voice mail at 416 248 0097
or to send an email to paula.lorenzini@alumni.utoronto.ca.

If you need a certified translation, allow enough time for the original documents to arrive with a seal, date and signature. Our certified translators respect confidentiality and have signed a  confidentiality agreement. Our accredited interpreters are bound by the Ministry of Attorney General Court Interpreters Code of Ethics.

For on line payments, to send a deposit, kindly use our PayPal service.  Our 
registered PayPal email address paula.lorenzini@utoronto.ca

All Linguex Translations Inc. accepts payments  by certified check, cash , by wire transfer and via PayPal. 

Our PayPal registered e-mail address is: paula.lorenzini@utoronto.ca

Our professional translations are rendered only by native translators.

On site, face to face consecutive/simultaneous professional interpretation services are performed by fully accredited court interpreters for court settings. Our certified medical and community freelance interpreters are reliable and have expertise in their domain. When you inquire about our translation services, it is helpful to include:

Your  name, language pair, time frame, format, and if you need translations notarized or certified.

If you need an on site or face to face interpreter, state language, date, time, location, who is it for, type of interpretation and topic. 

Tel. 416 402 2419 for urgent requests

B. 416 248 0097 

For more information about our translation process, security, confidentiality, go to our web page Top 7 Questions (FAQ) or just e-mail to


ALL LINGUEX TRANSLATIONS INCORPORATED  Payment methods: PayPal, cash, wire transfer or certified check.

 Our registered PayPal e-mail address: paula.lorenzini@utoronto.ca

Translation Services/Rates
Our translation rates vary according to the total number of words,  language pair, format, complexity, time frame & topic.

There is a minimum  flat fee for short translations.  We provide translations for regular time frame or for rush orders. To save money and time, plan ahead. We charge 10% more for rush order translations.

Notarization: $35.00 per document.

Our translation company provides one stop for all:  translation, proofreading, certification, notarization & guarantees on time, on budget all inclusive services .
A large number of our certified professional translators are from ATIO, ATIA or ATA and from other international recognized associations.

All Linguex Translations Incorporated
has been in business for 13 years. Our business derives, for the most part, from word of mouth.
 Allow yourself to request a free estimate now: paula.lorenzini@alumni.utoronto.ca
In a nutshell,  All Linguex Translations Incorporated guarantees:

  • Timely translations or your money back.
  • Accurate translations
  • Native professional translations
  • Certified translations
  • Notarization/Certifications
  • Accredited  conference/court interpreters
  • Confidentiality and Security
  • No hidden fees
  • Any potential discrepancies/ issues must be reported within eight days  to get your money back.
        Mobile: 416 402 2419
        Business telephone:  416 248 0097


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